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V1KT8RIA: Secret Wardrobe

I hope the title of this post drew attention (I mean, Viktoria’s Secret… gets? Okay? Okay.) Take a peek at my wardrobe for my coronation night, hihihi! My type of dresses would be the simple but…

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V1KT8RIA: Event Set-Up

My debut (V1KT8RIA) was held at the Isla Ballroom of EDSA Shangri-la hotel. The venue’s set up was a fabulous work done by the one and only Henry Pascual. Since my theme was vintage vogue,…

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V1KT8RIA: Video Teaser

Beautiful and amazing work done by Imacron Corp! They perfectly highlighted the best moments of my special night. Hope you guys enjoy watching it! Note: It’s best viewed in HQ!

V1KT8RIA: Pre-Debut Shoot

Well, well well! How do you like my new look? 🙂 I’ve switched host sites and I’m loving WordPress so far. I’m still exploring but I’m getting there! So, what’s all the “big project” about…

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