Attending My First Bachelorette Party [Photo Diary + Video!]

Ms. Leslie will see us now.

The closest I could get to the idea of a Bachelorette Party is Magic Mike. Well, I’ve heard stories of friends who have attended bachelorette parties so I’d have to admit, I was curious on attending one as well. Although the go go dancers were absent, the night was still filled with lots of food and alcohol, games and laughs with the bride’s best ladies. The best part is, I got to spend it with the family I grew up with – my ice skating family.

I wasn’t actually planning on vlogging this but the maid-of-honor assigned me to document the night, so I agreed! With the bride’s permission, I was able to compile and upload this as well, so I lack videos and pictures simply because I enjoyed the rest of the night of my first experience as a bachelorette party attendee.

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2017-07-08 23.34.52 2017-07-08 23.34.56IMG_4537

I was impressed with how Victoria Court incorporated the Fifty Shades of Grey Red Room. Although I have not read the book nor watched the film (I’ve only seen some photos of the movie adaptation’s Red Room), the room was spacious enough and pretty much a fitting place to host a bachelorette party.

IMG_4482 2017-07-08 23.31.55 2017-07-08 23.32.05

I’m so thankful to have spent the night with fellow BP rookies – my best friends Bea and Angela! At the end of the night, jokes were thrown at each other on what this girl wanted for her own party when the time comes.

2017-07-08 23.33.37

2017-07-08 23.33.42

Congratulations, Ate Leng! Hope you liked our surprise!

Watch the video here:

Thanks to Abby Trasporte and Nikki Recasata for the other photos here!