21 Best Decisions I Absolutely do NOT regret, and Why

In the end, I would’ve regretted the chances I didn’t take.

Turning twenty one is fun .. so far.

After ringing in another year older with a couple of drinks at the club with my closest friends to embark on the official age and proclamation of #adulthood (frankly the best way to anticipate the ‘legal’ age around the world, for me that is), it was contemplating on the biggest choices I made in my life that shaped the person I am now typing the best decisions I absolutely did not regret.

It was twenty one years of going beyond borders, breaking stigmas, proving points and growing outside of my comfort zone, even so taking the biggest risks that could have tampered my health or even my reputation. A span of one and a half weeks being twenty one has given me enough time to have a good laugh and cry on reminscing the moments I’ve encountered on what I’ve written below (not in particular order):

21. purchasing that blue pair of Old Navy jeans in Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego
– because those lasted me a good 6 years (and counting!) through the years of weight gain and increased thigh sizes. did I mention how comfortable it is?

20. chasing people that didn’t value me enough (or back)
– because i learned to love myself more and i also realized that people who don’t value you enough is just a waste of time – chasing and seeking one’s approval doesn’t really matter in the end, really

19. applying for my dream job thrice, even if i got rejected in all three 
– because I was taught to chase my dreams even if it meant bumping obstacles blocking my run towards it
(eventually, the company closed down.)
add: things happen for a reason.

18. unfollowing people online
– because unnecessary ranting is unhealthy for one’s soul, and i’d hate to get caught in one’s webs just by seeing/reading it
disclaimer: i am not hater, i opt for positivity and optimism on my timeline
add: the same manner goes for dropping toxic people in my life: those who don’t do good for your personal health shouldn’t matter

17. overdressing for an event
– because i would rather appear “over-presentable” and ecstatic rather than looking draggy, unappreciative and just persuaded to attend the event (even it sometimes it’s true). . i value the time of the person/people who organized the gathering so the least i could do is prepare myself well for it

16. flaunting my body (not explicitly) if i do not have the most flattering nor “fit” body
– because it is my own skin and this makes me happy and confident

15. taking that last scoop of ice cream even if my pants were bound to pop from all the food i ate
– because ‘desserts’ is spelled ‘stressed’ backwards, and i’d hate myself for stressing over not enjoying that last scoop 😛

14. skipping school for a week to attend world youth day
– because never have i experienced a time where people i shared the same faith with professed the strong and similar love for Jesus in one huge field, which was a very refreshing and impeccable feeling

13. ‘retiring’ from figure skating
-because those years were beautiful. it was a colorful, meaningful journey even if i did not reach my ultimate dream. i felt fulfilled, and i knew it was my time

12. choosing not to seek revenge with a former close friend who backstabbed, wrongly accused and spread rumors about me
– because life is meant to love even the people who hurt you (Matthew 5:44) and moving on from that pain s/he caused

2017-04-02 02.02.49

11. going offline from social media for a week
– because i sought peace and had the time of my life abstaining from the drama i inevitably read online, and learned to embrace again what life was before the screens we constantly tap on everyday dominated our lifestyle

10. not transferring to another high school
– because i learned the ‘teenage things’ the harder but better way when i stayed in my original school, and staying also hampered me to be the student leader i became when i entered college

9. standing up against someone who was two times my height, three times my weight, three times my age
– because my best friend did not deserve her privacy to be invaded let alone personal violation from the man that stalked her virtually and in person
note: i reported him to the guard eventually before i made a move, some people tried to stop me. i was only fourteen years old that time – fearless and invincible

8. choosing to go to my present university even if i had the option to go to my dream one (a different university)
because even if i wanted a different meal, i accepted, dug in and still continue to happily devour what was initially served to me – that meal wouldn’t be just as [life] enriching and as delicious if i turned it down and ‘got a different dish’.

7. writing to my favorite author at seven years old after reading a book that touched my life
– because i got to meet her, have my books signed and now, she is my role model, friend and ‘motherly figure’ in Christ.

2017-04-02 02.02.53

6. waking up early for a proposed breakfast 
– because i wouldn’t enjoy the loveliness and start of a fresh new day if i let the morning grouch take its toll on me
(i’m in the worst mood when i lack sleep. trust me.)
note: tagaytay breakfasts are <3 <3 <3

5. nearly quitting ice skating when i had a frustrating time with it (or nearly stopping in life, in general).
– because being burned out and losing inspiration is normal and you will get back on track.
add:  i  garnered my first national championship title a year after my ‘tough times’

4. collecting coin banks and donating them to unicef when i was seven or eight years old
– because even at that age i learned to be selfless and think of others

3. doing things that did not make sense to me, even if i wanted to talk back and insist
because i eventually realized its worth and importance in my life later on

2. choosing other passions other than figure skating
– because life is meant to be explored and to enjoy, even if it takes stepping out from the usual things you do. the similar manner goes for people – there are lots of fish in the sea. explore schools.

1. traveling alone with a 38* fever during winter for a week, and my medicines nearly run out
– because i only live one. period.
and i didn’t mind dying from hyperthermia atop zermatt mountain which offered a beautiful and breathtaking view of switzerland. kidding.



Cheers and beers to twenty one years. 🙂 ❤️

Off shoulder top from a bazaar
Refuge ripped jeans
Photos by Sandie Bondad