Choosing To Love

Because love lights more fires than hate extinguishes.

– Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Everyday is a day of love. To cherish, to adore, to inspire, to appreciate someone, or something – there is indeed a lot of room for love in this world and everyone is blessed with the democracy and liberation for this feeling, no matter what circumstance.

The most dragged questions that are yet to be answered are rooted from the family reunions I previously attended, especially from the recently concluded holidays. “Do you have a boyfriend?”, “Why don’t you have a lovelife?,” “Kamusta ang mga manliligaw mo?“. Frankly, I’d dodge answering these queries like bullets if I can as someone who considers herself a cynic when it comes to relationships. (Okay, not fully, but partially a cynic.) But I’d have to admit, responding to these is just as fun as imagining the idea of having that special someone in my life again.

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Many know me as a sweet and a thoughtful person. I’d choose not to think ill of someone but rather see the good in that person. I’ve had failed relationships – both romantic and friendship kinds – but all had the common denominator that I had more to give than what they had to give me. Detachment was at stake for each and it was difficult on my part. After years of lurking in that hollow hole blaming myself for those failed encounters (including an unrequited one most recently in which I am most affected about HAHAHAHA), I realized that failures like these are inevitable and occur to allow one’s heart and mind to grow. Nevertheless I have made no regrets because even if they are no longer in my life, I still chose to love them.

Love freely and enjoy single hood unlimitedly — as cliché as it may sound, I am happy to say that I was my own Valentine! Everyday is Valentine’s Day to me because I choose to love. Love is a choice, and it will always be one of my favorite choices. 🙂


Love makes the world go round. Let’s keep it spinning! 🙂

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