Someone In The Crowd – Dealing with rocky roads | [5th BLOG BIRTHDAY]

Here’s to the ones who dream, (as foolish as they may seem), the hearts that ache and to the mess we make.

Vast changes have taken into account in the course of ten years, let alone five. (The Miss Universe question struck me.) Of heartbreaks, rejections and desires of achieving dreams, there are many days that I am left wallowing in pain and insecurities. Most of the time, these are drawn from comparison to the success and stepping stones of others that are achieved in a lesser amount of time.  The battlefield, regardless of whichever one you are at, is always a raging one. Not that you should turn your passions into a competition, but passion (honestly) isn’t enough to move forward.

Someone in the crowd, could be the one you need to know to finally lift you off the ground. Someone in the crowd could take you where you want to go, if you’re the someone ready to be found – and that will be no one but yourself.

When the trials you meet burn you out from taking a step closer to the dream, we often question ourselves our purpose for being in the journey in the first place. Looking back to how far you’ve gone, the main reason why you started and the immense support you have received from others is truly a blessing and a good enough reason for you to stay in track.

With that, five years of this humble little space is filled with indecisiveness on domain/blog names, embarrassing ootd’s, pre-curated Instagram photos, poorly edited videos, humiliating, personal insights and the like to name. The hustle gets harder each year, but it makes the journey worth while.

Forever 21 Top
Refuge Skirt
Adidas Superstar 80s Supercolor Sneakers

With the reception I received from the past month of videos, #YSVlog is here to stay. The positivity and constructive criticisms shared by you has given me enough courage to continue and plug on to another creative output, setting aside the personal reasons that continue to cloud and stop me, thus challenge myself. With the vlog hanging around for some time now, it’s just about right that I recognize the main reason why I am here, this blog.

Happy 5th Anniversary to
The Filipina Ice Princess (2012)
Pleasantly Chic (2013)
and now,

Yours Sincerely, Viktoria.


This is me, and you have yet to see a more personal side of my life.

Photos by Ryan Arcadio and Andrea Muhlach


This blogpost content and title is inspired from the multi-awarded film, La La Land. If you have noticed, some of the passage references here are taken from there as well.  The hangover from the insights I had from the movie struck me too hard that I suppose it was timely to put it into use for this post. Hehe.