Why 2016 was a Bad but also a Good Year

Every rose has its thorn, and there is beauty amidst the storm.

Hold your horses, let’s cut some slack.

Okay, maybe you were shocked by the immediate passing of your favorite popular icons as if they were immediately whisked away like a cyclone. Maybe division and tension has increased amongst peers due to political differences or religious beliefs. Maybe you were not able to save the remaining species of the planet before they had gone extinct, the unique biomes of our precious wildlife or even  the ruthlessness of humankind to animals or even fellow mankind.

Maybe your favorite sports icon hung up his/her shoes, retired, and moved on the bigger things called life. Maybe your favorite celebrity couple broke up (including your own, maybe? #WalangForever. Kidding.) Maybe the internet sensations of the year you deem not worth your time rose to fame, or the last song syndromes turned “challenges” may not have made sense to you. Maybe the #PrayFor*InsertPlaceOurCountry* had given attention and awareness to the tragic events that happened at different times and places around the world, in which you might have felt the road to world peace may have become more and more abrupt.

But hey, 2016 isn’t THAT bad. Allow me to explain further.

Seeking the totality of an appearance, specifically beauty, such as of a rose begins from the bottom all the way to the top. It goes a similar way to how we normally look at a photo, or how we study a person’s physical appearance (admit it). The petals give its instinctive bright or velvety color, the stem emanating its strength from how it holds the flowers itself, the lush, green leaves manifesting the totality of its appearance – beautiful and bright. But wait, what pricks you as you break of its stem from the bush? Thorns. Your fingers start to bleed from the pressure of your fingers pressed among the sharp, tiny surfaces you failed to notice. This is how we first approached the year, just as if how we approach any other typical brand new year: filled with optimism, high hopes; shielding away from whatever torments of negativity we might have been thrown in. We bleed. It then stops. Carry on.

A little later towards the year, with much amazement in which beauty has hypnotized us in, or how we program ourselves in, we fail to acknowledge a precautionary – the danger zone. These are the thorns: the ugly. We only expect to see something beautiful in what we see, when we actually forget that there is a flaw in something alluring to us. But then …

.. we may have paid TOO MUCH attention to the many thorns 2016 has given to us, we have forgotten how beautiful the entire rose is in itself. We may have forgotten to smell the flowers, or linger in the garden a little bit. Truly the year has #nochill – it has been overwhelmingly surprising. “A year of extremes”, as how I’d like to put it in.

In one way or another, it will remain to be a seesaw fighting for the equilibrium of good and bad. And it will always be that way, it will remain constant. Life would be boring with the excess or restraint of one of the other. What would matter now is one’s personal approach.

But look, you survived the year. You lived through it. That in itself is a privilege. Congratulations. Truly, gratefulness will always come around the corner no matter how more or less privileged one is.

A rose cannot be without its thorns, and a thorn cannot be without its rose. Simply put, every rose has its thorn.

Taken during our holiday family photoshoot. Top from Charlotte Russe, Jeans from H&M.

May you have a blessed and prosperous new year! 🙂

This post was inspired from this article, the Facebook and Twitter games as well as the personal year-end posts written by friends. 

Note: The attached article highlights the good things that happened this year – you may want to read it for a summarized review of each sector; from world news, health, conservation, sports, etc. 🙂