Travel With Ysabel: Paris, France (III)

Three times, oui. I explored Paris yet again for a third time with another old ice skating pal of mine, Lizl, who’s an exchange student from the US to Spain. She was also with her aunt based in the Philippines who decided to visit Europe, too!


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Widely known as the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland Paris is just one out of the five theme parks around the world sparking joy in the hearts of goers young and old. After all, no one is ever too old for Disney. Watching the parade listening to Disney medleys instantly made my eyes water – not just because the classic Disney characters came to life but also my childhood memories. Made me miss my VHS!

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Coming around the Palace of Versailles the third time (and still not being able to enter the palace), The Gamboas and I decided to explore further into the gardens by hopping on a golf cart. Fresh air everywhere. The gardens are so huge that I think you need an entire day to walk the whole place by foot. Now it got me thinking, sans the modernization and the improvisation of the gardens (I’m sure it was lovely already before it turned out to be now) it must be difficult for Marie Antoinette to leave this place. The gardens are massively alluring.

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There is always something to Louvre about in Paris. One of the few things this museum is known for is where the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting Mona Lisa is located. Tip: to save yourself from the long lines during the day, enter during the night on a weekday. It closes as late as 10pm. Just like the Gardens of Versailles, it’s is so huge that you need one day to visit the whole place. Art enthusiasts will thrive on works displayed from the around the world. We had a good dinner prior to that – a good dinner in Paris consists of divine wine and cheese.

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Never leave France without trying their infamous macaroons. The ones of Ladurée Bakery are too adorable to eat but they’re the right amount of moist and sweetness. Try out their other delicacies such as their cakes! The chic aura and pastel colors spell “trés chic” – very Parisienne! I have yet to taste their macaroons once again when a flagship store opens here in Manila (Source).

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The Set in Paris Movie Tours offers a one of a kind way to explore Paris. Antoine, our tour guide, was very informative about the many movies shot at the heart of the city. He not only showed the exact locations but also shared some behind the scenes as well as a little history behind the location and the movie itself. Some locations also served as inspirations in making the movie. Movies included here are “Midnight in Paris”, “Before Sunset” and “Ratatouille” among others. Strongly recommend!

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I was shaking the entire time going up the Eiffel Tower – we wanted to see the entire Paris! I must admit I was shaking inside the elevator going up but the view made it worth while, I forgot my fears for a while. The sun perfectly fell in place during the time when we were up there as it wasn’t blinding our eyes. The time we went was the French Open, that’s why a huge ball “Roland Garros” was right in the middle of the tower.

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Also don’t miss out on Paul! One of the biggest bakery/café restaurant chains in Europe, It specializes in authentic French foods like bread, crepe, sandwiches and the like. I personally loved their Eclairs! Before returning back to Lille we decided to stroll down Champs Elysees and have one last photo op with the Arc de Triomphe.

This is the last #TravelWithYsabel chronicle in Europe! Thanks so much for staying tuned. Europe is a wonderful continent filled with beautiful countries spread all throughout. I wish to visit it again someday soon. Since my return, I’ve been travelling locally. Stay tuned for my next – Cebu!