Travel With Ysabel: Vienna, Austria

I was a bit more relaxed in the second leg of my solo trip since I *thankfully* overcome the petty typical jitters of the first one. Just two hours away from Salzburg is Austria’s capital, Vienna.

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I’m not going to lie it’s tiring to travel alone, especially if it’s your first time. Needless to say, I got sick during the trip so I spent the morning and a few hours of the afternoon in bed. However, what pushed me to get out of bed was seizing the once in a lifetime chance of being in a foreign place, so thank you, Austria, for that instant immune boost.

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Here we are at Schönbrunn Palace – a perfect place to stroll during the summer. It felt like summer since the sun was high that day. The gardens burst in beautiful colors of spring. This palace holds about 1,400 rooms and is one of the most important landmarks in Austria. The longest reigning emperor of Austria, Franz Joseph, was born here. The gardens are well landscaped just like Versailles’. A series of mazes and a vine tunnel can be found as well.

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I went away from the city and took a couple of metros and bus rides up to Kahlenburg where a panoramic, breathtaking view of Vienna can be enjoyed. This is also where you can situate yourself in the nearby border of Czech Republic. I didn’t mind having dinner alone, honestly – it would have been romantic to have someone special or people dear to you heart join you to dine and cherish the serenity of the place but that second, I realized I’m also happy to be independent (CHOS).

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Panorama austria

Grinzing is a small town going up Kahlenberg where posh villas and a couple of vineyards welcome you on each side. It was a dizzy ride up and reminded me a lot of Tagaytay.

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It was a really, really short stay in Vienna but nonetheless my Austria trip remained a memorable one because it was a country I wanted to visit so much here in Europe and I achieved so by myself. Up next will be Switzerland! Stay tuned.