Featured: V1KT8RIA (CandyMag.com)

It’s been EXACTLY a year since my debut V1KT8RIA yet I still remember how magical that night was. Two weeks ago I turned 19 and a few days after my birthday I found out that my debut got featured in CandyMag.Com! It is indeed surreal and a dream come true even to just get featured in the online version of my favorite magazine. I hope #V1KT8RIA can serve as an inspiration for future debutants (to know more about my debut, click HERE!) Thanks for this, Candy Mag! đŸ™‚

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I will forever be humbled and blessed for all the people who made this night a magical one – that including the V1KT8RIA team and those who came!

Check out the feature here: This Debutante Personalized her Party to Showcase her Passion for Fashion


V1KT8RIA may be long over but you will see more of it here on my blog soon! Stay tuned! đŸ™‚