Way Back Into Love





Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you didn’t catch the year’s first Friday the 13th bad luck. 😛

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Papaya Bonnet and Lace Top

Forever 21 Skinny Jeans

Aerosoles Boots

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Valentine’s Day seemed like a normal day in France since love is, well, in the atmosphere all the time. Everyone seems so in love with each other. I think that’s something lovely. Although I don’t have anyone special to whom I could call my Valentine, I don’t feel so lonely because I count the number of people whom I love and cherish. Speaking of which, today, I woke up with flowers and chocolates on my bed from my wonderful flatmates (3 of the #LilleMissies). I absolutely love flowers, I haven’t received them in a long time so the sight of pink and yellow tulips instantly made my day.


Promod Coat

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Spread love, not hate. 😛 Hope you had a lovely day!

Photos by Alexis Tan