Featured: First When In Manila Article

Another step closer to pursuing my dream as a writer is becoming a contributor for WheninManila.com.If you’re not familiar with it, When In Manila is the top online magazine in the country where over 300 writers, storytellers, photographers and videographers share their adventures, discoveries, views and everything under the sunny sun of Manila. The name “When in Manila” came from the old saying “When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do…” You get what I mean! Joining the When In Manila team has made me both nervous and excited about my writing career.

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The inspiration behind my first article, “The Do’s and Don’ts in Watching a UAAP Game” came from my frosh year as a cheerleader. Since it was mandatory for us to attend games, I learned, studied and observed the UAAP atmosphere. I enjoyed it so much that it got me thinking how I want my readers to experience or feel the same way when they watch the games as well.

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My article was published in time of the UAAP opening (which was very timely!) so in a span of 24 hours my article got over 2,500 likes and 150 shares on Facebook. It’s very overwhelming and a huge blessing.

More of my works will be found in my author’s page here.

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