Travel With Ysabel: Sta. Monica Pier/Beach

I thought my visit to Torrey Pines and La Jolla beach would be the last one to feel the sand on my toes and smell salt in the air for this summer. For my family’s last day in the US we surely made the most out of it, down to the last minute when we were almost late for our flight! That afternoon my cousins and I visited one of California’s famous beaches in Sta. Monica.

IMG_1412 IMG_1413 IMG_1414 IMG_1416 IMG_1417

We were not able to swim at the beach due to the lack of time however my cousins and my brothers played and skated, while I relaxed under the sun for the first and last time this summer.

IMG_1427 IMG_1444 IMG_1445 IMG_1446 IMG_1458 IMG_1469 IMG_1474 IMG_1490 IMG_1495

Target swimsuit

American Eagle shorts

Aeropostale sunnies

Towel from Venice beach
IMG_1515 IMG_1521

Right beside the beach was the famous Pacific Park. We were not able to hop on to some rides but the food there was awesome. I see in photos the beauty of Sta. Monica Pier when the sun sinks. There will be a next time; hopefully when we return to the US!

IMG_1608 IMG_1610 IMG_1613 IMG_1615 IMG_1617 IMG_1619 IMG_1622
IMG_1625 IMG_1626