Travel With Ysabel: New York (Day 1)

The city that never sleeps. The concrete jungle where dreams are made of. The news capital of the world. The yellow cabs, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty. These are among the few things New York in known for. This is what I’d often see or hear in movies, tv series, song lyrics, book and even in posts of my favourite international bloggers. It’s every traveler’s dream come true!

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By the time we got there, it was rainy. It didn’t stop us from exploring the world’s famous Times Square. It’s a very colourful alley full of lights! It’s also considered one of the busiest streets in New York city. New York is a place with different melting pot of cultures in America so don’t be surprised with what you see in each corner! (I’ll give you a heads-up: a naked cowboy!) Times Square is also the place where they drop the ball during New Year’s countdown. Another goal added to the bucket list plus another reason to return to New York! 🙂

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And the photobomb award goes to.. hahaha!

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New York is a very, fast paced city. It seems like people are always in a rush. They said one can distinguish between a New York resident and a tourist by simply this: tourists will have their noses in their tour guides or maps while residents, in the other hand, will just keep walking. New York is a good place to get lost since there’s a lot to explore and it’s a good place where you can “find yourself”.

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This is just the first out of the four Travel With Ysabel I have of New York. Stay tuned for the next one’s! 🙂