Travel With Ysabel: Six Flags Magic Mountain

You know the feeling that your heart could come out of your mouth from all the screaming? They say that screaming is good to release one’s feelings. Screams were here and there but it was fun everywhere when we visited the thrill capital of the world which was no other than the 6 Flags Magic Mountain. 

IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1139IMG_1166 IMG_1168 IMG_1173I think I’ve mentioned it a couple of times here in my blog how I’m acrophobic. Needless to say, I had my doubts on whether or not I’d go to Six Flags. I realised things like these can’t happen all the time so I went for my gut. Not bad, tho! I rode 4 roller coaster out of  and the X2 is my personal favourite where you ride lying down.. BACKWARDS.

IMG_1216 IMG_1218 IMG_1238

The weather had its mood swings that day and it is a first for me to try out a slightly laid-back gangster look HAHA (I don’t even know if that made sense lol). I’m still experimenting with different styles but I hope I pulled off this one. What do you think?

H&M cap and suunies
Papaya top
Aunt’s jacket
Mango Jeans
Roxy Belt
Converse sneakers

IMG_1203 IMG_1186 IMG_1194 IMG_1200
IMG_1204 IMG_1208The best people to go with to amusement parks are the ones that ride in the fun and encourage you when you’re hesitant to ride thriller rides. Thankfully I’ve got cousins who are up for anything and of course for my best friend Angela too. It’s a part of our bucket list to travel to the States together and we’re more than happy to have done it this year.

IMG_1255IMG_4359 IMG_4367 IMG_4379

IMG_4280 IMG_4329 IMG_4368IMG_4372 IMG_1256IMG_1278IMG_1258

The photos of this blog post were captured by my cousin Jenin Vitangcol. (Thank you. :*)