The MEGA Comeback: SM Megamall Ice Skating Rink

The start of the year’s been great since a lot of exciting events have been happening one after the other. Yesterday’s event would be my favorite one since I’ve waited so long for this. After 4½ years, the coolest place in town, aka the ice skating rink at SM Megamall’s back to its former glory only in a bigger and better spot, this time in the newest wing of SM Megamall called the Fashion Hall! Having said this, SM Megamall is back on the top spot as the biggest mall in the Philippines.
The ice skating rink is located at the 5th floor of the Mega Fashion Hall. When I say Fashion Hall, I mean many of the high end fashion shops are being put up there, including the country’s very first H&M retail store. Majority of the shops are still closed but would be opening soon while others are already launched and ready for service. (I’ll have a separate blog post for this, stay tuned!)
(Left to Right: Pat Syquiatco, Jana Cavañas, Denz Salcines, Angela Alfonso, ME, Julia Ignacio, Riana Lago, Aya Limbo, Danie Baron. Leslie Ching not in photo)

What a beautiful, busy background, huh.. lol

 The old and ‘retired’ skaters including I, myself were beyond DELIGHTED to hear the news of the rink’s comeback. When we were asked to perform for the rink’s reopening, I immediately said yes! There were four soloists and two production numbers. My teammates and I truly enjoyed performing on ice again. We danced to Zedd’s Stay The Night, Beyoncé’s Single Ladies, Steps’ 5, 6, 7, 8; and Spice Girls’ Stop. All these songs reminded us of good memories of the ice skating rink. There is no magical place like no other than the rink in Megamall, especially knowing that this is the place where we grew up. 

 Just like the SM International Ice Skating Rink in Mall of Asia, it’s olympic-sized. The beauty of the rink is the see-through structures. You can see the busy streets of EDSA and the swift MRT down below. Imagine the beauty of the sunset reflecting through the window pane as you skate. Trust me, it’s a priceless and breathtaking moment. 
Photo by Ronan Capili
Oh, and one thing about this rink that it doesn’t hold hockey games as they made SM International Ice Skating the central place for holding hockey games and the like. Hockey skaters are still welcome to skate and enjoy the rink but they aren’t allowed to use their gear on ice.

The Plump Pinays Danah and Stacy were there to witness the opening of the rink, too. They’re such beautiful in person and both are so down-to-earth. Tune in to at 6pm on 3 February via Live Stream to catch us skaters!!! 🙂

“My whole life was all about the cold – the ice, the breeze, the chills. The ice skating rink in Megamall served as my home, my playground, my school, my sweet escape, my comfort zone and my world for nine years. Bigger, better and much MORE beautiful than the old one, the SM Megamall Ice Skating Rink is officially open! God takes away to give you something better. An answered prayer after four and a half years, I’m happy to say I’m finally home.” ❄️ 

5th floor, Mega Fashion Hall, EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Open from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm (Sun-Thurs); 10:00 am – 10:00 pm (Fri-Sat)
Telephone number: 556.0471
Website | Facebook Page

Click HERE to watch our performance!
Video credits go to Riana.