My 2013

Earlier today I’ve been wondering why 2013 flew by so fast. Maybe it’s because we’ve been distracted and busy with so many things that we forgot to mind the time? Whatever the reason is, I’m surprised we’re now on the third page in writing a brand new book entitled “2014”. Last year was the comeback of my blog after a 7 month hiatus with a new look, name and domain! A summary of my 2013 would be “expecting the unexpected”. 




Ending high school with a bang. What a crazy roller coaster that was. I SURVIVED IT!!  Those were the craziest and most memorable four years of my teenage life. 

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Traveling. My prayers of traveling to places I’ve never been to have been answered. I was blessed to be able to visit Bohol, Pangulasian Island (El Nido) and Malaysia. I learned a lot about the respective places from cultures to traveling boo-boo’s!
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Bloggers United Bazaar. I’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to attend BU earlier than the times that I’ve attended (the fifth and sixth) since based on my experience, I missed out a lot. I was not able to shop around much but I fan-girled over my favorite, local bloggers. My heart was jumping inside as I also got the opportunity to chit-chat with them and learn from their experiences as bloggers.
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Getting in my dream school (and dream team). DLSU is a part of my dream universities list and I’m so thankful I got in. I mentioned in my Christmas post that it was a dream of mine to become a cheerleader. I thought this would never come true since I had zero cheer experiene. God makes all things possible and He placed me in a team with great teammates. It is challenging balancing cheerleading and academics but the experience is worth it. The year has been great so far for DLSU Sports and I’m glad it all happened on my rookie year.
Learning how to drive. Totally jealous of my girlfriends who all have their driver’s license already, as for me I don’t even know how to accelerate on the gas (harhar, I’m that lame) so during the semestral break my dad and I bonded over with driving lessons. Scary at first, still tryna getting the hang of it!
Running for my life. I can’t believe I joined three fun run’s this year as Outbreak Manila being the most tiring and challenging! Fun run’s aren’t my thing but I thank daddy for encouraging me to join these. Not only do I burn calories but I also get to support a cause.
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Liberal Leaders Summit. This is my first summit and from this experience my leadership skills as a liberal arts student has been enhanced. My fellow delegates were so friendly and nice to converse with! See post about this.

Zedd. The perfect year-end party. It was also my first “Happy Thursday”. 😀 See post about this. 

These are just some of the best things that happened last 2013! Most are not blog-related events but I hope to experience more of those this year! 🙂
How was your 2013? 🙂