Christmas 2013

Growing up, I learned that Christmas traditions stay the same but there are minor changes. As a child, I wrote wish lists of what I wanted for Christmas, and all of what contained there are materialistic wants. As the years go by, the materialistic wants diminish and what I seem to jot down there are the kinds of wishes that could give you happiness more powerful than what things give. 
The Noche Buena tradition at my maternal parents’ house has been restored after two Christmases of not being able to celebrate there (2011 my family and I were in the US, 2012 my family and I celebrated it at the hospital). This year was kind of different since my cousin Anika moved to the States just a few months ago. Nonetheless everything was still the same. Happy and charismatic cousins, uncles, aunts, parents, brothers. We played games and sang Christmas carols and had Kris Kringle. Of course our Noche Buena wouldn’t be complete without my tita’s roast beef and turkey. 🙂
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Someone hasn’t been stretching. -_-
Oh, there was a twist to the Noche Buena this year. Noche Buena last year’s theme was a hat party. This year’s theme was “Dream Profession”. Since I practically used all my costumes for Halloween this year, I ended with my cheering uniform, also for a good reason. It’s been a childhood dream of mine to be a cheerleader and I’m blessed that it came true. My cousins came as a 711 franchise owner, a rapper, a housewife and a pirate; my brothers as an LSGH Airforce dancer and an Iskolar ng Bayan (a student of PISAY); my parents came as a fashion designer and an embalmer; my ninangs came as a prima ballerina and a workoutbuff, my cousin’s fiance came as Superman while my two uncles came as a surfer and Batman. 
Christmas day is always spent with my relatives from my dad’s side. Since my lola has seven other siblings, she and her family take turns in hosting Christmas day celebration every year. This year, we had it at Lolo Jojo’s house. We spent Christmas day hanging out, gift giving, etc. We would spend lunch and dinner together and have activities of all sorts including dance off’s and games. Sadly, we didn’t have that this year.

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New Year this year would be fun since I’m spending it with relatives from both sides! Coming back to my favorite resort in Clark after almost three years, I can’t wait to do the same old usual activities with my favorite people in the world. 

How about you, how did you spend Christmas? 🙂

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Lolo Jojo Bautista