These old sneakers of mine reminded me of Vanessa Hudgens’ single “Sneakernight“! Her sneakers are sparkly just like my own sequined pair! Normally if I go out and feel lazy to dress up you’ll just see me in a top, shorts and sneakers, my own kind of ‘comfort clothing’. 

I haven’t worn these in a long time so it’s pretty tattered and worn out, but it’s still comfortable and not as bad! In dressing up I’d normally go for comfort over style. I don’t see that as a bad thing, I mean, what’s the use of dressing up if you’re not comfortable in the own shoes you’re wearing?
Folded and Hung top
Forever 21 Tank Top (inside)
Roxy Sling Bag
No Boundaries shorts
SM Accessories bracelet
Goody hairtie 
Converse sneakers
Yes, I’m the type of person that shoes off her ribbons on her sneakers. A reader emailed and asked how I wear my sneakers, if I wear them with or without socks. To others who might be wondering, I wear footsies; they’re really short socks that only covers the toes, heel and sole of the foot. 🙂
I guess I got my wish of getting a break, even if it only meant two days off from school. I spent the day today with my high school best friend Ica. A day shared with laughs, giggles and stories we missed on each other for the past weeks. We grabbed dinner and watched Paranoia afterwards. Can Liam Hemsworth just get any dreamy? I’d have to admit he looks way cuter without the scruffy look.