Flora and Merryweather

Does the title of the post sound familiar? Flora and Merryweather are the two out of the three good fairies of the 1959 Disney Classic Sleeping Beauty (sorry, Fauna!). Since the weather was merry and beautiful this morning, I knew I just had to play along and wear this cute, floral dress. 

My style of dressing up has been girly ever since. It perfectly reflects my personality of someone sweet and bubbly. Back when I was in elementary we didn’t have a school uniform so I’d be normally seen in boleros, blouses, skirts, dresses, ballet flats and a hand bag. My fashion taste growing up changes so I’m experimental with different styles but classic and girly is what I’d normally stick to. I’m more laid back and simple and I don’t want much going on. 
Best Loved by Hakeber dress
Customized Bracelets
Omega Watch
I may not be a fan of accessorizing but I’ve always loved silver jewelry. This necklace is one made of pewter, an industry and commercial business in which Malaysia takes pride of. I purchased this in the family trip I had last summer.
Manels shoes