Bloggers United 5

The past two weeks of my college life have been getting the best of me already so I apologize for the delay of sharing you guys my first Bloggers United experience! About two weeks ago, I attended the fifth event at the SMX Convention Center with my co-blogger and ice skating teammate Riana

Riana and I arrived pretty late since she had an SM Style Lab event prior to BU5. We made the most out of our time there by roaming around, checking out items and keeping an eye out for celebrity bloggers.




Last year, every weekend, a venue near my place would hold bazaars and this is where I learned the science of smart shopping. Shopping is an ultimate girly’s weakness but attending bazaars taught me to be more wise with money and more choosy with the things I purchase. At bazaars, I learned that one could buy good items at good promos and reasonable prices. As I have stated in one of my ‘harmless’ fashion rules here, fashion does not need to be branded in order for it to be stylish. In Bloggers United 5, I was able to purchase two rings and one of them is an item I consider to be one of my favorites!


with former schoolmate and neighbor Dani Barretto and old family friend Kyle Quizon

with the Bloggers United 5 Media team!

A candid photo of Riana and I conversing with Patrick Pleno of Flique Magazine. He is one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met. He shared tips and opinions on the blogging world and it was nice that Riana and I were on the same page as he is.

Though time was cut short, Riana and I still enjoyed. We couldn’t wait for The Fashion Blogger Talk that we would attend the following day. Stay tuned for my next post! 🙂
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