Malaysia: Truly Asia (Day One)

Parting ways with Pangulasian Island wasn’t easy. It was my dream paradise, an island where you can run away from the metropolis and escape for a while. Little did I know that another summer adventure was about to unfold. I am grateful that the Lord brought my family and I to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for five nights and six days. We went on to the city tour fresh from the airport and it was really hot.

New King’s Palace (Istana Negara). From the name itself, this is the residence of the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong (in English “Supreme Head”). I call this the ‘Asian version of the Buckingham Palace’. lol.
An airconditioned freezer! This is something unique I found in Malaysia.
Masjid Negara (Malaysia’s National Mosque). The design of this building is based on the grand Mosque in Mecca with 48 small domes. The main dome has a multi fold blue roof that has a shape similar to an umbrella’s. This roof symbolises the 5 pillars of Islam and the 13 states of Malaysia.
Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. This is a small museum that showcases tidbits of Malaysia’s history and its famous architectures. One of them includes the Kuala Lumpur Tower (second tallest building; far left) and of course the famous Petronas Twin Towers (center). Malaysia was colonized by the British. Architecture lovers would love to pay this tourist attraction a visit like Ted Mosby from the show How I Met Your Mother, maybe? 
Beryl’s Chocolate Factory. Calling the attention of the chocoholics out there! I think my blogger and ice skating buddy Riana would love to indulge in these sweet treats. Beryl’s got a wide variety of chocolate, even up for some free taste! The man here offered me white chocolate with strawberry in the middle. I’m giving it a thumbs up too, mister! 


Malaysia Batik. See the artistic side of the Malaysians as they use wax to draw on fabric. You’ll be amazed at artists’ swift hand and finger coordination through the sheet without smudging and creating mistakes.

Petronas Twin Towers. It’s funny how the weather also affects my mood, also considering that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. Seeing Malaysia’s magnificent 452 meter crown jewel totally blew those blues away! The Skybridge marks the 41st floor and this twin structure ranks the world’s third tallest building.
  • Anonymous

    Fantastic location for a vacation.

    • Indeed! More posts regarding my trip to Malaysia coming up. Thank you for dropping by! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      hey yv!!! ur really a darling…keep it up….be proud of yourself and always use ur cute little head all the time….we dont want you to get hurt…we will always be by your side…promise….take care! love,
      tita sandy

    • You’re the sweetest, Tita Sandy! Thank you very much! Take care always as well. See you soon! 🙂