Island In The Sun (Day Three)

Our third day in Palawan was just as adventurous as our second day (see previous entry). We ticked off ‘lagoon hopping’ on our Things To Do in El Nido checklist and now we’re on to our next task – island hopping! I enjoyed this as much I enjoyed the lagoon hopping. Not only did we go snorkeling and explore the corals but also got the chance to swim with the sharks and feed jackfish! I was honestly scared of becoming a delicious-looking prey, hahaha! Nonetheless, I had nothing to fear since these water babies are kind sea creatures, according to the locals. My family and I kept our distance and I am relieved that my ‘long distance relationship’ with these creatures worked out pretty well. Lol.

Growing up as a student who loves Philippine History, I was delighted to collect some tidbits from of one of the islands that we visited. One of them was the home of the Cudognon cave – where the Japanese soldiers hid during WWII. We were even able to spot some remains. We assume that what we saw is either a radius or an ulna (bone). It was awfully stingy inside since it is now home to bats.

Say hello to our weird I-got-a-snorkel-in-my-face smiles!





We had lunch at one of the beach clubs in El Nido – picnic style! I’ve always loved picnics. When I was little, after school, my yaya would accompany my brothers, cousin Chelsea and I to the park and we’d bring our own picnic set – blanket, snacks and tetra packs.  This lunch also embraces the Filipino way of eating called kamayan.

Don’t be surprised that Palawan is where the “Nido Soup” (Chinese Bird’s Nest Soup) got its name from. These nests are harvested in El Nido. Does it make sense to you now?

Look who’s afraid to get dark.

To cap off a hot, adventurous day, we had dinner by the beach. It was the most romantic dinner ever! The food was great, breeze was subtle, stars were scattered in the sky and the moonlight was definitely the highlight of the evening. The night had never been so perfect. I was in sweet serendipity and I could just stay there forever.
Sharing with you, dear readers, my short Ariel moment! Now I know what it’s like living under the sea. Thanks for touring me around, Sebastian. I love the sea, but I’d rather live on land. I can’t be a mermaid, how will I skate? 😛 

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