Travel With Ysabel: It’s More Fun in San Diego

My summer vacation in the US is officially over. It’s “back to reality” now that I am back in Manila! I definitely had a lot of fun. I wish I could come back soon. I may belong to Manila, but I know my mind and heart will always be in California! Thanks to all the relatives and friends for love, for entertaining my family and I, for the hospitality and every thing else whatsoever that made my trip in the US fun. If not for you guys, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.

Of course, for every finished vacation, there will always be a “vacation hangover”. I kinda have that as of the moment. Summer’s almost over but I have to get ready for school, too. I’m stroked for what this school year may bring, but at the same time, I’ll miss everyone and everything in San Diego. I jotted down what I’ll be missing out.
MORNINGS IN CALIFORNIA. Waking up, seeing the beautiful sun peeping through the window, having breakfast outdoors in Fairhill, and of course, waking up to Baby Giuliana’s squeaky and cute voice.
BABY SITTING. Seriously, I’m a sucker for kids. Babies, for this matter. I love them way too much. I’ll miss taking care of my baby cousins Anikin and Giuliana. I’ll miss feeding them, walking them, talking to them, giving them a bath, dressing them up, playing with them, making them laugh, taking pictures with them, change their diapers, fix their hair .. aaahh. I am charmed. ♥
FAMILY REUNIONS. I’ll miss the screaming, crying, hugging and guffawing of my bubbly aunties and girl cousins. Cheers also to “Happy hour” every night at the Fairhill household- and big thanks to Uncle Ben Silverio and Uncle Dennis Arocena for the delicious drink, rather, juice, and Tita Jackie Aquino for the makeover she gave Chelsea and I.
“OOOH, HOT CAR”. I see a lot of “hot cars” when we hit the road every single time, ranging from Ferraris to Porches to Volkswagens to Convertibles and more. Honestly, I don’t really know much about cars and their brands, but I know they’re really nice looking cars. Most of these “hot cars”, you can’t find much of them in the Philippines. When I see a “hot car”, I literally say “oooh, hot car”.
WEATHER. Did I mention that San Diego has the perfect weather? Not too hot, not too cold. I wish I could have that kind of weather in the Philppines. Actually, the heat in Cabazon, CA, has the same kind of heat back home. I didn’t expect to have such kind of heat in the States. When my family and I paid a visit to the outlets in Cabazon, I thought I’d be able to escape the “Philippine heat”. The heat there just surprised me.
OUTLETS. It’s fun shopping at outlets in the States. There are more cheaper stuff sold in outlets than malls. As far as I know, there aren’t outlets in the Philippines. Outlets there have a long stretch of most of my favorite shops like Tory Burch, Juicy Couture, Coach, Papaya, Charlotte Russe and Claire’s.
TRAFFIC, ROADS, SEATBELT RULE. The traffic isn’t as terrible as like in the Philippines, the roads are really smooth and in the States, they strictly imply the seatbelt rule. I wish in this country, they’d improve the roads, do something about traffic and buckling up would be strict as well. I can’t really blame that it’s always traffic here because I live in a city and we are over-populated.
MCNUGGETS. Sure, the Mcdonald’s here serves McNuggets too, but the nuggets in the States are softer and hotter inside and crispier. Ohh, I also love the overflowing rice and orange chicken of Panda Express and California’s big, red strawberries too!
COLDSTONE CREAMERY. Their. Ice cream. Is. Heaven. Enough said. I tried the Cookie Dough’nt You Want Some ice cream mix and the Cake Batter Ice Cream flavor, and they’re both great! I really wish someone would franchise and open a branch here in Manila.

and of course… 
The best family I could ever have. 
See you guys in 2014! :D/

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  • Ella Pangilinan

    igai ko! you’ll be surprised! there are loads of outlets here in nuvali! let’s plan a weekend with sina chels so u guys could sleepover naman at my place 🙂 xx

    • OMGG there is na? 😀 Yahoo! I’m looking forward to that, Lilay! See you soon! :*