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WHENINMANILA.COM – the #1 online magazine in the Philippines, the name referenced from the old saying “When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do.” Topics range from stories in Manila, the Philippines and around the world. I am currently a features writer.
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Most popular articles:

 This fan watches the Coldplay in Manila concert for Php 50!
LOOK: Man makes food arrangements for kids, they’re too cute to eat!
SPOTTED: Lightning McQueen driving along EDSA!
LOOK: This student spends his ‘vacant’ time in Paris, France!
LOOK: Imagine yourself here in Manila’s empty streets!
ENTERTAINMENT: Say goodbye to Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle in ‘Riverdale’

 PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER – TO BE YOU – To be You is the youth arm of the Lifestyle section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. This special section is published every Saturday. I am currently a student correspondent. All my works are published both in print; occasionally online.

Most popular articles:

Finally, cheerleading is a sport
From YouTube to Star Magic artist, Renee Dominique shines
Four-peat, back to back wins at WNCAA Cheerleading Competition
‘Mission Impossible’ accomplished
Breaking the Ice with Michael Martinez

I also used to write for BUHAYKOLEHIYO.COM, Celebrity Mom Magazine and Magic 89.9 Newsroom.



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