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Dine With Ysabel: Project Pie

My brother Tyron and I study in schools that are located just in front of each other but we barely have time together due to conflicting schedules. Like many siblings, we have disagreements and the like; but…

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Dine With Ysabel: Hanamaruken Ramen

Last Christmas break, I gained a new pal named Ysabelly. I met her after eating all that Noche Buena, Christmas day and New Year’s eve food preperations. She was also present when I dined in…

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Dine With Ysabel: Maple

I could be a serious morning grouch. I’m the type of person that abhors to the idea of waking up early on a weekend or holiday, especially now that La Salle had a “mini-sembreak”. Needless…

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