A student by day, an athlete by night
Not a morning person, but likes the weather “warm, real and bright”.
A frustrated dancer, a princess on ice
Always up on her sleeves would be a sweet surprise.

A bubbly little chatterbox, considers awkwardness her specialty
Clumsy at times, and on most occasions, carefree
Catch her on a road trip, if not on the next plane
Manila traffic drives her insane (for most Filipino citizens, that is.)


Eats a can of mushrooms for breakfast, occasionally gummy bears in different times of the day,
She also regards Christmas as her favorite holiday.
Prefers OPM love songs over international pop hits
Sometimes a size 7, 7.5 or 8, depending which shoe fits.

Likely behind her laptop, if not a magazine or a book
Or probably writing quietly in a corner, in a comfortable nook.
Certainly a terrible poet, well, as you can see.
I therefore conclude this poem, that’s all there is to know about me.

Photo by CJC Photography Asia