17 Plot Twists of 2017

Seventeen is my favorite number.. just because. When the year drew to a close, I was validated with numerous reasons.

2017 was a year of bravery. I realized that stepping outside your comfort zone was easier said than done. But then again, how can you expect to soar in the sky when you won’t even try to take off? It definitely takes an ounce of bravery to make a bold move. And I’m glad, that last year, I took those risks. (READ: Dealing With Dilemmas)

2017 was a year of immense growth. It was my twenty-first year,  where I slowly began to dip my toes into the cold waters of the real world – where the harshness and reality of life slowly started to consume me (but thankfully, I’m still in one piece). Experiences that came one after the other gave me a reason to grow and find my light – whether I was headed towards its direction and even when I got lost.

2017 was a year of surprises. It was the kind of shock that impacted me in both positive and negative aspects. I was always fond of surprises, but this year, I dealt with each surprise, each plot twist, differently.

2017 was a year of gratefulness. Every week, I always wrote down something I’m grateful for the week to remind me what blessing came my way even if some weren’t in my favor. It truly humbles the soul and opens your eyes in what we tend to overlook at every day.

2017 was a year of change. With a primary goal to step outside of my comfort zone, even the circumstances and the people around me allowed me to adapt to what was constantly moving. Even as simple as mindsets and physical transformations; you’ll realize how much you’ve grown when you finally see yourself outside of what you once were. And this kind of change, is great.

How was your 2017?

Happy New Year, everyone!