Dealing with Dilemmas (feat. Annie and Lori Shoes)

Would you rather crash and crawl, or never grab your chance at all?

When she stood at the edge of uncertainty, no one knew if she’d take a step back, or if she’d surrender to the coercion of gravity, free falling.

At the brink of dire moments like these, she is amassed with overwhelming emotions of fear and excitement. Fear continuously stabbed her in front. She bled, sweat palpably, she groaned in the discomfort it perturbed, but still stood.

On the other hand, excitement jolted her to dive right in. A force that tugs both her arms irritatedly downwards, but will allow her to spread her wings like a falling eagle as gravity showed no mercy in desisting her from a rather painful aftermath. When this dilemma presses her to make an instant decision, she shuts off the world and listens to her heart. She finally finds peace at the edge of the cliff, submerging in the moment of inhaling uncertainty, exhaling spontaneity.

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Take a step back or take the fall, the choice is up to you. Timing is of the most important essence, and you have the power to control that. 🙂

Have a great week ahead, everyone!

168 Top

JAG Skinny Jeans

Gucci Bag

Annie and Lori  ‘Bella’ Shoes

Photos by Ron Paolo Luna & Joanna Mejia