E! Bloggers Ball 2017

Mirror mirror on the wall, look what you made me do at the E! Bloggers Ball.



It was an honor being invited to the E! Bloggers Ball again and meeting reputable online influencers! You really learn from so much people who thrive in the same industry as yours. It was just so heartwarming to meet different influencers from different genres in the cyber world (some have been my friends online that I only got to meet in person that night!). The night was such a blast.

I also mentioned other bloggers and vloggers who are featured in this video, be sure to follow them and check out their other platforms! I wish to give a special shoutout to beauty vlogger Anna Cay for being such a fun person to be with! She was my seatmate and a fellow influencer I was with most of the night.

Thank you also to E! Philippines & Ed Uy for having me!

Enjoy watching this!


Camera Used: Canon G5X
Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1xwTqgzQ_g