Travel With Ysabel – Intramuros, Manila

 Breaking down the walls of history through exploration.

If a balikbayan came and told you he wanted to “explore” of what the Philippines has to offer, Manila – to be specific, where would you take him? Intramuros was a no brainer that immediately came into my mind. It was a place familiar to me by a name I often read in my aralin panlipunan textbooks, saw in scenes in biopics and postcards in gift shops. While the Walled City served as the location of my pre-debut shoot a few years ago, my brief encounter of the place left me wanting to know more of her secrets and affairs that coursed through the past centuries, from three different colonies – Spain’s, America’s and Japan’s.

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 Fortunately, the Lord provided saturated blue skies on a day with a grinning sun on the day of our visit. I was told it was best explored on a sunny day. There is a certain glow I saw in Intramuros (other than the fact that the weather was good) that I very much cherished amidst the increasing number of towering buildings behind it. I believe my visualization of the place during the Spanish period based on my knowledge of it was responsible for my widened appreciation.

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Castillan Tours Manila provided us the experience of exploring the 67-hectare area by hopping on and off the carriage. This was the mode of transportation back in the day, it was just about right to experience the same manner in Intramuros! We were provided with our own private tour guide to reveal the stories of The Wall. Eight different stops revealed eight different parts of our history that lasted from the first and second World War. But admittedly, I enjoyed Fort Santiago the most which contained the stories of our National Hero’s many lasts before he was executed. I had goosebumps standing in front of his cell, where he composed Mi Ultimo Adios. 

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I honestly didn’t mind being a tourist in my own country – after exploring one of the preserved penchants of Manila post World War that is Intramuros, it was only now that I fully appreciated the colorful culture that we have as well as the diversity of our country’s history. It was timely how we visited during National History Month, too!

The Castillan [Calesa] Tour is good for four people. Booking is fast and convenient, too!
Check out their website here for rates and other tours around Manila.

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  • It’s kinda weird for me that I was more of a tourist than a local when we explored Intramuros. I only realized it now, haha. Nice photos, btw!! And I love your kimono top as well, so cute! 🙂

    Nika |