National Doughnut Day with Krispy Kreme

Doughnut you want somethin’ to tickle your sweet tooth?

There’s one guilty pleasure that tops my list of devourers, and that would be doughnuts! This June, we celebrate National Doughnut Day. With that, Krispy Kreme allowed us to design our very own!

I mentioned in my previous post how I love customized creations, so I very much looked forward to this event as I got to go behind the counters and do part of the dirty work (seriously, it was messy! :P) in creating the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts I’ve loved for the past decade.

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Krispy Kreme spoiled us big time! Not only did they give us three doughnuts, we were also to go home with half a dozen with different flavors and kinds! Although all are equally delectable, the Honey Glazed Original Doughnut still tops it all. 😛

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Rainbows, sprinkles and pastel colors – Krispy Kreme knows what I want! The work behind them doughnuts is a lot messier and stickier than I thought, but my happiness is def higher than the calorie count. 😛 Thank you so much Krispy Kreme Philippines for having us! I had the sweetest time!