Travel With Ysabel: Morong, Bataan (AirBNB Photo Diary + Video)

Morong my Holy Week trip here! 

*see the pun I did up there?*

Holy Week. It’s Good News – due to the academic year shift, students are forced to take classes at the brink of the summer, but the observance of the sacred holidays paves way for a short break for the busy individuals; both in the academe and in the workplace.

What better way to beat the heat and spend great quality time together by going to the beach? The location was a no-brainer for our balikbayan relatives who flew from the US; Bataan was a probable choice. Eat, sleep, play, swim, repeat. This repetition lasted for three days, and it was a perfect time to rejuvenate and reflect and whisk one’s self away from that thing called reality.


For a party of 14 people, the comfort of our accommodation was overwhelmingly great. Indeed, it was beach-friendly for two things – just by it being a few steps away from the beach itself and the home decor that amps up the vibe of the oceanside as if you brought it inside your home. The house has the kindest caretakers, the most generous owners (in which we had the privilege to meet when we were there), a small swimming pool to chill in, comfortable and frisky bedrooms that you would love to sleep in (trust me, the ambiance and the coziness of their rooms would make you want to stay in and sleep, just because) and a spacious common area great for karaoke and socialization, both indoor and outdoor. The amount of sunlight that seeps through the windows below the roof brought in the sunshine, literally and figuratively, a finishing touch that any vacationer would need to enjoy a chillaxing beach holiday.

You guys can check out the Airbnb listing here.

Enjoy watching the video! 🙂