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Pulling you closer not in the backseat of a Rover – but my life on a more personal level!

The shorter days of winter are just as reminiscent as the time I get to spend with the ones closest to my heart from the maternal side in the United States. Jet-setting halfway across the world in separate days, times and airlines to come together as one for Christmas after 12 long years is a rare occasion, and is also just as close to my heart. In celebration of such a pleasant family reunion, my decision to document the precious moments we’ll spend together is the birth of YSVlog, aka my vlogging diaries now live on my YouTube channel.

My decision remains uncertain whether or not to pursue YSVlog after the holidays as I find more joy in telling stories through writing than creating videos. Admittedly, when I was younger, creating home ‘entertainment’ videos was my own form of hobby. The daily clowning around the house with my brothers or cousins would be my source of inspiration, and I would upload them on my Multiply site or just simply stock them on my harddrive.

Today, the joy of creating animated content is still just as delightful, however, now more tedious and not as passionate compared to blogging on my end. Personal reasons have also allowed me to think twice on continuing it after the trip but a decision will arise no latter than the end of January (a new year’s resolution, maybe?).

Join me as I celebrate the warmth and joy of the season with my family through my vlog live right now!


This photo was taken by DJ Magbanua.

Top by Bershka
Culottes from a bazaar
Lacoste Shoes

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VLOG #1 – Surprising my cousins in Los Angeles
Synopsis: It’s December and my family and I decided to visit some loved ones in the United States. I went ahead of my parents and brother back home to visit my cousins in Los Angeles since we’ll be spending the rest of the holidays in San Diego. I decided to surprise my cousins (my family is always full of surprises 🙂 ) and document my trip on the way here.

VLOG #2 – Ice Skating with Filipino Olympian Michael Martinez
Synopsis: That night as one of the happiest days I ever had as a figure skater. Being able to return to an ice arena I competed 11 years ago (ISI Worlds 2005, I was Freestyle 3) gave me nostalgia of that competition and of course, training / playtime just like the good old days with a really great friend and teammate now Olympian, Michael Martinez. Nothing has changed with this guy and he is the same happy and most down-to-earth person I know.

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