Engrande: Basic Photography and Openshoot

Circumstances behind the camera lens took me to an Engrande experience behind a veil.

What a wonderful opportunity for first timers and amateurs to practice and hone their craft in photography through an open shoot. It was a privilege not only for my mother’s gowns to be featured but also for I myself to model a few of her finest works.  On a personal note, portraying and modeling as a bride was a different story.

Some photographers called out to place a veil on me and I was slightly taken aback with their request. Not that I was hesitant, but I was up to portray someone about to happily tie a knot. I’m not in love as of the moment so I wondered how I could seem to appear as if I were really in love. Overall, it was a cool experience being behind that veil, taking a hold of a small bouquet and to play pretend. 😛 Love will come around my corner, eventually.

Here are some of the photos and personal favorites I obtained from the photographers that participated in the workshop. No photos have been added filter from the original files sent and submitted to me not unless stated.

Wardrobe by Viktoria Couture and Designs
Hair and Makuep by Enero Saga Abad
Special thanks to MJS Photography and Alyssa Kates Comia

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Photos by:

Carlo Isidoro
Francis Lumahan
Mark Joseph Saldaña
Neil Canlas