Travel With Ysabel: Czech Republic (Photo Diary)

Europe in the summer is officially Czeched off my list.

Given the chance to have experience Europe in the late winter and spring last year, their summer revealed that it is just as beautiful.

 Pressed for time with just a ten day stay including five days participating in World Youth Day, my family and I opted to explore Poland’s neighboring country, Czech Republic. Prague, its biggest city, is greatly rich in history – a home to numerous cultural attractions. I’m not surprised why it was considered as the sixth best destination in the world to visit for this year.
(Source: TripAdvisor)



A summer afternoon stroll around the square was accompanied by a local, cold treat called Trdelnik, which is rolled dough grilled with sugar. Vanilla ice cream topped by a heart shaped wafer half-dipped in chocolate syrup was the sweetest touch.







 The wide, cobbled roads open its arms to tourists that seek to discover its rich history that date back as early as the 9th century. Prague, dubbed as the “City of a Hundred Spires”, stays true to its nickname with a lavish number of cathedrals scattered around the city.

Prague indeed remains as the go-to destination for tourists around the world; for reasons that the city remains well-preserved. After all, the classics emanate beauty in its antiquity through the years. This is well proven by their baroque, neoclassical architecture hovered predominantly by roofs painted in orange.



Behind me is the John Lennon Wall filled with graffiti and lyrics of the Beatles’ songs and caricatures of Lennon’s face himself. To justify the pun of this photo, I flexed – a move made popular by NBA Washington Wizards player John Wall with a twisted wrist that turned into a viral popular hit way a few years ago, called “Do The John Wall”.



Behind me is the St. Vitus Cathedral, the biggest church in Czech Republic that contains of former kinds and emperors. It also seats the Archbishop of Prague.




Prague’s Old Town’s majestic facade of gothic edifices of warm contrasts is a pleasant sight if you stand in the open grounds in the middle, right where marketplaces were once held back in the 9th century. Visiting the Old Town offers a huge deal of visiting notable places of the country right in the area that include the Astronomical Clock and the Church of Our Lady before Týn.




The Charles Bridge is deemed a historic bridge. A 14th century historic structure, it connects between Prague Castle and the Old Town and is decorated by over 30 statues.

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Special photo credits
Jenin Vitangcol