Fashion Friday (Episode 9)

Here are my Fashion Friday picks!

(Told you I was terrible at keeping up with the Fashion Friday chronicles.)

Patch me if you can! There goes my three favorites in one outfit. The trends of the 90’s have remained to be all in the rage this year. The denim skirts too have remained to be a best-loved item of mine matched with my oh so classic pair of Chucks.

Patched Polo Top from Bangkok Bazaar
Denim Skirt from Refuge
Classic Black Chucks from Converse

Patch it if you dare. Attended a wedding last week and allowed my dress’ beaded, floral patches to speak for its elegance and simplicity. Gown is of course no other by Viktoria Couture and Designs.


Gown by Viktoria Couture and Designs

It’s a match! The functionality of an off-the-shoulder top does not simply lie on the plain top and bottom tandem. Go for layers without stressing on the heat by pairing it with a denim dress overall. Perfect for an afternoon date!

Off-the-shoulder top from Bangkok Bazaar
Denim dress overall from Factorie