5 Reasons to Workout in F45 MOA Complex

Let’s get phYSAcal with F45 Training!

Last summer, When In Manila assigned me to write about a new gym opened at MOA Complex. I told myself that it would be a fun assignment to get back on my toes in becoming productive, getting fit so to speak. The assignment is by far one of the best ones I enjoyed as a contributor for WIM. The more I saw the progress in my body, the more it got me hooked that I was ready to officially sign up for their classes. Becoming their brand ambassador after accomplishing my write-up is most definitely the cherry on top of the cake, and something I did not expect. (You can check out the article here).

Fast results under an hour? No sweat. How in the world do you exactly stay fit under an hour? Believe it or not, I could not imagine how much I burn in every 45 minute session. You will complete a series of high intensity interval trainings through different stations within that period of time. 45 minutes seems short but wait until you step in the studio, you’re up for the real challenge. My coach recommends at most 90 minutes (or 2 rounds/classes) because muscles will turn sore if you over do it. He puts it this way: “It’s not how long you do the exercise, but by how intense you do it.”

What’s gonna work? Team Work. I learned it best from The Wonderpets! Given the intensities of the workouts, F45’s motto, “Team Training, Life Changing” is just as fitting to survive every class. Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays are devoted to cardio-based training; Tuesdays and Thursday are dedicated to muscle/resistance building while Saturdays are a combination of the two types. The maximum number of trainees per class can hold 27 people – and those teammates for that session work just as hard as you do. What other way to motivate yourself is to help others too, right? So they say: “team work makes the dreamwork”. Some stations require you to partner up so there is definitely no “I” in a “team”.



Is F45 different from Cross Fit, yet can achieve the same results? Yes. Many mistake F45 from Crossfit training. Well, the workload is almost similar. However, crossfit focuses more on repetition and requires “heavier” work. F45 requires you to work under pressure and and harness yourself to overcome challenges. The classes are also different every day, like what I’ve mentioned above. You’ll definitely not get bored with doing the same things over and over since there’s always something new to do and look forward to accomplishing. Personally, my favorite classes would be the Quarterbacks (usually Mondays), Brooklyn (Wednesdays or Fridays), Firestorm and Athletica. The class names sound fun too, don’t they. 😛

Gym Phobia? The relationships you will have with your coaches and classmates would be  warmer than your body workout temperature. 😛 
I am so thankful to be surrounded with coaches who are so approachable and have excellent knowledge on diet and fitness, as well as gym buddies who motivate you to stay fit as well. I’ve seen newbies who did F45’s free trial with ZERO experience in the gym or working out prior but are now enjoying the fruit of their labor from F45’s activities because of how warm and friendly the environment is. The coaches, usually two of them per session, guide you 100% throughout your class and would gladly assist you on the equipments or workouts you are unfamiliar with. They really focus and look over everyone’s progress and growth – no one gets left out.

Does the class do one-on-one trainings? Why yes, they do! The coaches may be around to check on you as you accomplish the tasks per station, but if you feel that group classes aren’t enough and would like to improve more on yourself, you can try one-on-one! Recently, F45 offered boxing and sparing sessions, so punch your way to a healthier you by dropping by the studio! 😉

Have a grand a kickin’ time! Hope to see you around the studio one of these days! Oh, and if you read this post and is interested to try out F45’s training, you get two weeks free trial (for their group classes)! Just shoot me an email if you’re interested before visiting the studio itself!
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