Aveeno Active Naturals is officially in the Philippines!

Here’s to exuding natural beauty and loving the skin you’re in.

My skin is extra sensitive that the rashes (atopic dermatitis or commonly known as skin asthma)  on my arms deteriorate and itch instantly when exposed to extreme temperatures. I’ve been an Aveeno user for years and it moisturizes and eases my remedy for the longest time. When I found out that Aveeno is finally in the Philippines, I was thrilled! The only way I can find my way to purchasing their skincare is either abroad or to SNR, an exclusive membership shopping in the country (think a huge warehouse filled with groceries!) that retails international products.

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The skin is the largest part of our body and many of us take it for-granted, when in fact is also considered a story teller: what one has been through, where one has been off to, etc. Life’s battle scars, events and experiences are well embraced with Aveeno’s Active Natural products because it gives you extra confidence to bare #naturallybeautiful skin stories. This is what Aveeno brand ambassadors Nikki Gil – Albert, Christine Jacob – Sandejas and Jaymie Pizzaro have shared during the official launch of Aveeno in the country. The event was themed white with accents of yellow and green: Aveeno’s staple colors that also synchronize with Mother Earth’s tranquil hues. The event was graced by Issa Litton.

Nikki Gil – Albert is an actress and a host where she shares that her dry skin made her feel insecure and less confident. She grew up with sensitive skin and even went through an acne phase. With that, she searched for the right skin products that would fit her skin type. She considers Aveeno as “a staple in my counter”. She admits to being a big skin care junkie, too! Aveeno has given her the confidence of pursuing her passions and serving to inspire people without having to worry nor feel insecure about dry skin.


Christine Jacobs – Sandejas claims that you can never see her under an umbrella on a hot day – that’s how much she loves the sun, well, and the water. Because of training in swimming, daily exposure to chlorine and the heat’s rays, she has gained sunspots and freckles on her shoulders. When she retired, got married and had children, four out of five of them were delivered via C-section, leaving a scar. But these flaws, she says, are the things she flaunts. They remind her of the proof of her hard work and dedication as a former competitive swimmer as well as a reminder of how blessed she is to have wonderful kids.

The Bull Runner founder Jaymie Pizarro shares a similar story as Christine’s, but as a triathlete. Her rigorous training requires her long hours and dedicated time to biking, swimming and running, where she has gained dark tans, chafes, heat rashes, sunburn and more. However, one particular accident on the bike during training for her second Ironman competition caused permanent skin damage on the right side of her body as she fell and slid down the concrete road. Today, she looks at her battle scars with pride and confidence knowing that they represent how strong she can be in the face of obstacles.


Dr. Maria Victoria Dizon, (pediatric dermatologist) expounded on atopic dermatitis also known as skin asthma. Who knew that the Philippines is the number one Southeast Asian country that had the most number of patients inflicted with skin asthma, including I, myself? Unfortunately one of the major causes of such is our harsh weather.


Mr. Menas Kizoulis (Associate Director for Scientific Affairs, J&J Headquarters) discussed on the wonders of using Aveeno’s products infused with natural ingredients in treating skin, especially when dry. Aveeno has worked wonders for my skin especially during winter time when I was in France. The moisturzing formula of organic ingredients is indeed a wonder of nature. 😉


Ms. Patricia Villasenor (Assistant Brand Manager for Beauty, J&J Phils) who introduced the Skin Moisture Meter device and app where you can determine your skin’s condition with a simple press of it on your skin – before and after the application of Aveeno. Oh, the wonders of technology! It does pay to know and learn more about your skin! 🙂

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Every woman has her own story to tell – what would yours be? See the Aveeno Active Naurals difference and make your story #naturallybeautiful!

I’ll be writing a review on Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Body Wash as well as its Skin Relief counterpart soon, so watch out for it! 🙂

Aveeno is now available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.


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