Lessons Learned About Travelling Alone

It takes an ounce of bravery, a fragment of fearlessness and a huge amount of spontaneity to create moments as if you’re living on the edge of the world.

Las Palmas Tours and Travels and the Hong Kong Tourism Board gave me the wonderful opportunity to discover Hong Kong all by myself. It was a bit overwhelming yet fulfilling. Epiphanies of life’s most curious queries and arbitrary thoughts are drawn from the lone moments I had with myself.  Although I was quite familiar with the place since I made my tourist visits back in 2010 and 2012, the place somewhat and still is a stranger to me: not because of it has been four years since I last step foot on it but because travelling alone gives you a whole other perspective of the place itself.

The buildings that make only some of Hong Kong’s skyline up close. Taken at Central Hong Kong, It was a pleasant, hot Sunday as the sun has been inconsistently coming out then hiding for the past two days.

Travelling alone entails self-growth. Even though I loved to travel, I still felt I was a cub stuck inside a cage. I wouldn’t say I am a full grown lion but travelling alone made me grow bit by bit. If I wasn’t with family, I would travel with my friends. Travelling will give you no choice but to trust yourself, and would sometimes put you in a situation to create big decisions on the spot. Depending on how far you are from home, the longer time you have alone, the longer time there is also to make room for yourself to grow. Do not limit yourself. (More on that in one of the bullets below).

Travelling alone allows you to find inner peace. I’ve mentioned a while ago how travelling is overwhelming yet fulfilling. With a Go Pro camera on my hand, a backpack and a brave heart on my sleeve, venturing to Hong Kong alone made my heart beat a little faster out of nervousness and excitement. The disturbances of the what if’s and the worst case scanarios  (think, Taken!) may be the day time nightmares haunting you in your head and the only way for you to solve that remedy is to find peace. Stop, pause, pray. If you’re lost, ask for directions. Language barriers may seem taunting but someone’s gotta get to their destinations if they’re lost, right? Do not hold back. It will take a while to calm those jitters but you will feel relaxed.

This sophisticated foot bridge from Hong Kong disciplines its citizens from jaywalking and practically has access to most malls, stations or enterprises. After all, the Central is a very busy district of the city for the 8th top financial centre in the world. {Source: The Telegraph UK}

Travelling alone allows you to grab limitless opportunities. Unable to go to one of your dream destinations due to time constraints or itinerary conflicts? This would come if you travel with someone or a group of people. Travelling alone allows you to do whatever you want and create your own path. I was only able to experience the Hello Kitty Jet Plane and the Hello Kitty Cafe because I know the people I’ll probably be with in the next trip wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I do. If you wish to visit this certain destination, then you should go and (put a) wing [on] it. 😉

Travelling alone allows you to appreciate (more) the people you left behind. Even if I was only in Hong Kong for four days, it made me miss the people I left behind at home. You will miss their presence somehow, or how you would look at something beautiful at your destination and think, “Hey, I wished *insert name of someone close to your heart* can experience this, too.” This will give you the chance to look forward to coming back as well!

This is Hong Kong’s famous skyline at night from the point of view of Victoria Harbour. Before calling it a day, relax and take a breather as you watch boats sail safely away; or admire the dancing, colorful reflections in the water from the buildings on the other side.

Travelling alone will make you appreciate and love yourself a little more. Self-hatred is nothing familiar to people who loathe themselves for the mistakes and regrets they make in life. Do not be hard on yourself. Travelling alone allows you to enjoy the view you see from the train or the hotel window, the bustle of the busy streets you cross or even the fresh air you come across in the country side. It will also allow you to laugh at your mistakes, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. Having said that, travelling alone will also teach you to learn from your mistakes. There are no external voices telling you this, that or what – you hear no one but yourself.

Travelling allows you to live in the moment. YOLO and wing that solo trip. Your future self will thank you for that.


I wish to extend my thank you’s to Hong Kong Tourism Board and Las Palmas Tours and Travels for making this trip possible.
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