20 Thank You’s To Twenty People in My Life

Twenty thank you’s for twenty people for impacting a life of one.

Tomorrow, I turn twenty.
For two decades I have dealt with people of different kinds who have taught
me one of the best lessons I learned in life, so far.
I am ever so thankful for them.
There will be more years of these kinds in the future. There will be some fresh meat, too. And more lessons, of course.
Terrifying, yet exciting.
Twenty people, twenty lessons, twenty thank you’s.

The path to whatever your notion of success is will likely not be linear. Don’t take continuous personal growth for granted. Just because you’re older doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wiser. Your 20s will be full of failures — let them happen and learn as you go. (Holden Desalles)

Enjoy reading. 🙂

1) To my person who was my penpal,
Thank you, that even if we are apart 7390 miles away, you still think of me and tell me how your day goes. Thank you for giving me the excitement of receiving a mailed, handwritten letter, with wallet sized photos of your year-end portraits falling out as I open it. I miss your letters, but I gotta give it to Facebook for faster communication for us.

2) To the person who was my only friend in school,
Thank you, that even if the kids in my class bully me simply because of my figure and I being an age younger than most of them, you’d kill my loneliness by being my friend. Thank you, for sitting with the fat kid in school during snack time when no one else would.

3) To the person whom I tried to greatly impress (to like me),
Thank you, for being my inspiration in my sport that one summer. Thank you, because you made me realize that precious time is wasted on the wrong people who don’t give a second of their’s.

4) To the person I totally fangirled over,
Thank you, for showcasing your gift of music. Thank you, for somewhat setting the standard of what I want in a partner, and also for being so concerning with my injured knee in which I limped backstage after your play just to meet and greet you.

5) To the person who was once my frenemy,
Thank you, for making me realize that misconceptions and judgments are feeble ideas of how one perceives another with the mere basis of what’s outside, not knowing what’s within. Thank you, that even if we don’t see each other as much, you remain a good friend.

6) To the person who stole my precious belongings,
Thank you, for teaching me not to get attached to materialistic items. Thank you, because of what you did, you were an addition to my homesickness and stress abroad because that horrific experience made me a stronger individual and more independent and moreover taught me to be more vigilant.

7) … and to the person who solved this remedy,
Thank you, because you have no idea how much of a lifesaver you are. Thank you, for your powers that would later on allow me to tick off a deed off my bucketlist away from home.

8) To the person who judged me based on my color and facial features,
Thank you for your hasty judgment, because you made me want to prove you wrong and show you what I am capable of that is far beyond what you see outside. Thank you, because you made me feel proud of my Asian ethnicity.

9) To the person I first loved,
Thank you, that you gave me butterflies and the inspiration behind the silly love stories I wrote. Thank you, for breaking my heart, and for making me realise the world does not stop nor involve around one person only.

10) To the person who left me hanging,
Thank you, for giving me hope in a world filled with negativity, that maybe there is something beautiful in life, and you are one of the reasons why it is.  Thank you for your morning messages and well wishes. Thank you for somehow letting me go, so I won’t have to take a step further in feeding your ego.

11) To the person I had a conflict with over a boy,
Thank you, for burying the pain we had in the past. Thank you, for also realizing that our friendship is worth more than a boy who keeps his nose up high knowing he is being fought over.

12) To the person I drifted apart from,
Thank you, for the scratches and bites we had from our childish fights and misunderstandings we had towards bigger matters, because these were memories we’d laugh about now as young adults. Thank you, because even if our relationship isn’t was as intact as it was when we were little, I know I can still run to you for anything and vice versa.

13) To the person who eased my frustrations,
Thank you, for teaching me to be patient in making myself better after trying to teach me a difficult maneuver for two straight years which wasn’t easy. Thank you, for always placing my huge lucky charm in your front pocket for me to see before I perform and for being a father at home outside my real home.

14) To the person who challenged my capabilities,
Thank you, for reminding me to believe in one’s self and strive for excellence.  Thank you for trusting my talent and skill, and for being one of the reasons behind what I have achieved.

15) To the person whom I regard to as my soul sister,
Thank you, for seeing me through and through and for allowing me to crash your house even when the moon is already high in sky. Thank you, for conversations over mundane things that no one else but us can ever talk about and understand.

16) To the person I lost because of another person,
Thank you, because I know I’m not of good importance to you while you prioritised others’ judgments of me over my say. Thank you for letting me go, because I know you’d be happier and be dealing with life well without me (which I am sincerely happy about.)

17) To the person who spread rumors about me,
Thank you, for showing your true self of how one [back]stabs a [best] friend. Thank you, for allowing me to become close to people that deserve my love and acceptance.

18) To the person with the longest best friendship,
Thank you, for valuing me. Thank you for valuing our friendship. Thank you for our adventures, 2am rants and lending me your clothes and sharing your secrets. Thank you for giving me the solace, that I can purely be myself when I’m with you.

19) To the two people who gave me colour to my life when it sometimes seemed to be black and white,
Thank you, for being the canvas, the brush, the paint, the easel, the artist. You are the beauty of every work of art in my life. Thank you for being everything I am today.

20) To the person (or people) I have yet to meet that will change my life forever,
Thank you, because you make me feel excited about the future. Thank you, because you make me look forward to a new adventure, a new event in my life that I will always remember and keep close to my heart for all time.


A big surprise awaits you on my blogpost tomorrow. Stay tuned! 😉

Photo by CJC Photography