Coca Cola’s Taste The Feeling Festival

#TasteTheFeeling this summer with Coca Cola!

Summer is officially here! If the weather may say so itself, that is. The hot blazing days are back where basking under the sun is a classic past time for the young and old.

Just recently, Coca Cola released its newest #TasteTheFeeling campaign where it gives you all the feels! Celebrating life is more special with sip-and-ahhh moments of Coca Cola. This campaign embodies how drinking Coca Cola can give instant refreshment and can also be a great pick-me-up.

What better way to celebrate life and Coca Cola? Through a festival, that is! Last February 27 in Circuit Makati, Coca Cola brings all the fun through food, music and booth games at Circuit Makati Event Grounds. They also introduce their freshest and newest ambassadors donned in Coca Cola’s trademark colors of red and white – Bailey May, Ylona Garcia, Janella Salvador, Enchong Dee and last but not the least, the ‘pambasang bae-yani‘, Alden Richards.

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Ambassadors and invited artists performed in the festival. Ylona Garcia hit the perfect Ariana Grande notes in her version of “Focus”, Filipino – British PBB alumnus charmer Bailey May serenaded the fans a song in Filipino with his cute accent, former student – athlete turned actor Enchong Dee proved his remarkable talent in singing, Janella Salvador gave back to her fans with “Love (You Like a Love Song)”, her version of Selena Gomez’s hit single; Alexa Ilacad and Nash Aguas blended beautifully in their version of “Torete” and Alden Richards’ hit, “God Gave Me You”, which he dedicated to his supporters – who patiently waited for him for hours to arrive at the festival. Band performances were also done by UP Dharma Down, Cheats, Autotelic, Spongecola and also featured mixes by DJs Nina and Funk Avy.

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The hot day at the Circuit Makati event grounds were replenished by no other than Coca Cola drinks that kept us goers hydrated the whole time. Thus, Coca Cola revealed a big surprise! Red and white confetti sprung up to perfectly capture the #TasteTheFeeling moment of releasing mini parachutes tied with Coca Cola products. The event was hosted by Joyce Pring and Chino Lui Pio.

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Thanks for a wonderful time, Coca Cola! Let’s #TasteTheFeeling to the littlest but greatest celebrations of life. Cheers!

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