Batang 90’s

How the grunge stole my heart.Lomo resize

The grunge look never sacrifices comfort – and that’s my top priority in dressing up. The denims are a certified 90’s favorite. Being a 90’s kid myself, it would probably be logical to dress up the fads of the generation I was born in – so here I am in the incumbent trend and comeback of the denims. It allowed me to experiment with two of my current closet staples, the jacket and the skirt. Admittedly, the grunge look is a tad different style for my taste. With fashion experimentation, one must be fearless.

The key to denim on denim dressing is to match pieces with contrasting washes. Lay low on the accessories and keep it clean and simple. Slip on wide rimmed specs for a subtle, artistic feel and top off the grunge #LOTD with the ever so trusty and comfy pair of boots. Mabuhay, Millenials.

Urban Outfit MNL Specs
Guess Denim Jacket
Papaya Top
Charlotte Russe (Refuge) Denim Skirt
Dr. Martens Cherry Red 1460

Author’s note: the title is roughly translated to Kid of the 90′s or 90’s kid in English.