Fitness First x ZALORA – Fit for Fashion

Most if not many people would admit that topping their new year’s resolution list is to lose weight or improvise their lifestyle. That is ought to be proven true because statistics show that yes, losing weight tops the most written New Year’s resolution for 2015 (source).

Ringing in the new year for the second season is Fit For Fashion or known as F4F that premiered in Star World last January 13. The reality TV show consisted of 14 contestants, both men and women, motivates its viewers to kick off the new year by embarking on transformation, life-changing journeys of themselves by hitting the road to fitness. The show will be of help by experts Louise Roe, Mitch Chilson, Christine Bullock and Todd Anthony who will not only get them into shape but will also help redefine their mind and self image.

Fit For Fashion
Kyle Ramirez and Jackie ZapataKyle Ramirez and Jackie Zapata will represent the Philippines in this competition.

This second season, the contestants of F4F will not only face challenges that involve fitness, but fashion as well. This will include flaunting their newly transformed bodies in the trendiest fashion picks available at ZALORA, Asia’s top online shopping destination.  ZALORA will play an essential role in making the show more captivating and entertaining for viewers by turning up the “fashion game”.

F4F is the first-ever reality TV shows that brings together the world fitness and fashion. The ten episode series follows the empowering and inspiring quest of 14 individuals seeking to transform their lives.

Tune in to StarWorld every Wednesday at 7PM and catch previous episodes on Fit For Fashion’s Website!! 🙂