#MRLoveMyHair – Hair Do’s and Don’ts!

The previous year marked the multi-hyphenated, daring and exotic hair do’s of the 21st century. From bold and bright hair colors, shaved undercuts, the zany granny’s (gradients) and layered bobs, the variations and trends of hair styles continue to metamorphose in accordance to the latest craze and influences of popular, influential icons.

 As much as we love to style or experiment with our hair, they get tired and worn out. Just like our skin, our hair needs the definite TLC, or tender loving care. Hair care doesn’t require spending a couple of bucks from the salon to retain its good condition (although this can be the case especially for treatments). Restore and/or retain the healthy life of your locks through the tips I share below!

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DO trim the dead ends of your hair to prevent split ends! Doing so will prevent your hair from thinning out and breaking.
DON’T forget to moisturize your hair. Hair serums can lock the moisture of your mane and can protect it from the heat of your hair irons, may it be straightening or curling.
DO use an ample amount of hair product on your hair (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) Yes, the pea-sized amount you see in hair commercials turn out to be the sufficient amount for your hair, depending on its length. Too much shampooing can result to tight and itchy scalps, while too much conditioning can result to an unncecessary amount of oil on your scalps.
DON’T use your blow dryers or straightening / curling irons too often. This will leave your hair dry and unhealthy. Also, in washing your hair, use lukewarm water, not hot, since it can cause irritation and dry out your scalp. 
DO keep your hair styling tools fresh and clean. These tools are often in contact with our royal mane, so let’s prevent the icks and the yuck’s on our hairs’ friends by storing it in clean places and cleaning it every so often.

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DON’T style it when wet. This is when your hair is in its most vulnerable state – your strands are weakened and worst comes to worse, can break and cause unwanted split ends.
DO consult a hair professional if you are opting for a new do! Our salon gurus know what’s best for our mane, as well as what looks good on us as this typically depends on your natural hair condition and even your face shape. If you want, head over to Madison Reed’s hair advisor page and find out which colors ar
e best for your hair, if you’re planning to dye it!
DON’T  pursue a hairdo you’re not sure about. There are chances you may not like it and nope, it’s not as quick as Control + C / Control + V when you regret it. Asking second opinions from trusted peers or the hair dresser himself/herself can ease your anxiety about getting a new look. If it makes you feel better, bring photos of haircuts or pegs you’d like for your hair when you visit the salon so you can show your hair dresser and get an opinion.
DO ask around for salons that offer good services. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a high-end salon! Even the most expensive salons unfortunately give disastrous hair(cut) results. Just make sure that you trust a hair dresser who really knows what s/he’s doing since hair doesn’t grow or transform back to its old state in a jiffy.
DON’T forget to treat your hair at least every week or every other week. Hot oil treatments are recommended especially for colored, rebonded or permed hair. But hair masks can also do the trick – they can purchased at your nearest drugstore to maintain your hair’s health.

And there you have my hair care tips! Hope your mane gets the royal treatment it deserves – it’s your crowning glory, after all. 🙂