… to the 70’s comeback trend of the denim skirts!

Also making a comeback is the single that inspired the title of this post, Adele! How I love her music. Not that I have the exact #feels for this song but hey, I gotta give it to Adele for expressing in behalf of those who were once broken, maybe bent, and remind us we can learn to love again. (May ganun??! I believe I have quoted the wrong artist. Arghm.)

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Fashion is revolutionary with the tweaks and touches of today’s trends, don’t you think? The likes of the Birkenstocks, culottes and of course the denims are storming closets once again little by little. What do these comebacks have in common? They’re fall under the classics – the kinds that still look great even as time goes by.

 One of the nice things about a denim skirt is that it’s a kind of item you’d ought to wear when you don’t feel like exerting extra effort to nailing a daily #OOTD. Yes, that’s one fashion point for effortless dressing. The trick to dressing this up is to keep it clean and simple. Yeah, all white! 😉

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Factorie Denim Skirt