Pond’s Besties Soiree

It’s indeed true that your cousins are your first set of best friends. A Fridate is well spent when you’re with your bestie! For this event, I brought along my best friend since 1996 – my cousin Chelsea.

 I’d like to believe that when our moms were pregnant with us, they started planning the activities we’ll do together.  True enough, we became each other’s Velcro. We had playdates, danced ballet and figure skating, took summer workshops, studied in the same schools before we went our separate ways in college. We had the same set of friends. We shared code names for our crushes, wrote on diaries, enjoyed afternoon picnics or trips to the salon. She is my ultimate BFF, to the point that people have mistaken us for twins already. Teehee! She was my Piglet, and I was her Winnie The Pooh. It was a no brainer that I chose her to accompany me to the Ponds Besties Soiree! We made it to the evening event.

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Forever 21 Pumps


Zara Top
Pull and Bear jeans

Top from a Bazaar
Zara jeans
Note: Chelsea has been experimenting colors with her hair. From blonde to silver to pink, this one suits her the most! She even got a compliment from Tricia who told us she’s been eyeing on her hair that night hihi 🙂

IMG_3489 IMG_3474


In the earlier event that afternoon, Ponds introduced the newest ambassador. She was no other than the sister of incumbent ambassador Julia – Claudia! Both sisters look amazingly fresh and beautiful, even with minimal makeup! With a fresh dare to denim theme, Ponds Girls donned their favorite denim items. Chels and I came in our trusty washed jeans with matching pointy pumps! I swear, it was unplanned. I guess great minds think alike. 😛 Here, blogger Tricia Gosingtian talks about maintaining #AcneClearSkin everyday with Ponds, to which her bestie Crissy tagged along.

IMG_3483 IMG_3494 IMG_3496


IMG_3505 IMG_3508

There was also a free skin test in which Chels and I wanted to try out. Our skin was assessed depending on the area we wanted the detector to focus on. The skin type Chels and I have is oily, so we are very prone to accumulated, over-excess oil and unwanted acne. This can be minimized thanks to Ponds’ Acne Clear products. From availing facial washes, toners to instant pimple treatment creams, the #PondsAcneClear campaign opts to inform awareness in caring for our delicate skin.


I was so thrilled to meet Tricia Gosingtian. Just like the Barretto sisters, she’s beautiful in person!



Ponds Besties were given cute pouches filled with Ponds Goodies and knickknacks from Neon Island! We got to pick tags – of course mine in blue, and Chels’ in pink, just how it has always been.



I’m blue and she’s pink, she dances ballet and I skate at the rink. Pooh is I, Piglet is she, we’re more than cousins but sisters, always and forever will be. 🌸💙 #PondsBestiesSoiree now up on my blog [http://pleasantlychic.com] Help #PondsBestiesPoohandPiglet score an adventure to Japan by liking our photos on FB, Twitter and IG! 🇯🇵

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