Travel With Ysabel: Ètretat, Normandy (France)







Aint no cliff high enough for a traveler who appreciates a bird’s eye view of the postcard-worth beauty of Ètretat, Normandy.

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Étretat is truly a small town with only about a population under 1,700 people. Most (if not all) tourists visit the breathtaking views atop the cliffs overlooking the seas and the seagulls gliding across the sky. It’s best to visit during a sunny but windy day! The mix of the cold weather and the blazing rays of the sun makes relaxation on top of the cliffs worth while.

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Situated on this cliff is the La Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Garde. Inhabitants decided to build a chapelle dedicated to the Virgin Mary in 1854 and it was blessed in 1856. However, it was destroyed in 1942. A new chapelle was rebuilt and inaugurated in 1950. Won’t it be romantic to get married on top of a cliff while enjoying a view like this? Plus kilig points for watching the sun sink down on the waters! Unfortunately it is privately owned and it’s closed.

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See the panoramic shots I took? They somehow give overviews of the hiking routes we took. It tested my acrophobic self and physical strength (lol). The beauty of travelling is not only do you get to discover places but you also get to challenge yourself.  That’s how I think travelling makes you grow as a person. It was not easy for me to pose beside some edges of the cliffs but hey, I conquered and did it. Travelling also gives you that kind of sense of fulfilment.

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I was disappointed that I was not able to take photos of the countryside on the way to Etretat! We actually came from La Havre where buses are available to take you to Etretat. Travel time is about 45 min – 1 hr. Honestly it was one of the happiest bus rides I had because I finally got to see my favorite animal in person – the black and white cow, lol. If you plan on visiting Etretat, don’t forget to bring a scarf and a coat to keep you warm! You may be by the beach and experiencing some sunshine here and there but the winds howl when you’re on top! I guess small snacks will also suffice while you kick back and enjoy a good view. This stay is a whole day’s worth and also a good form of exercise too. 😉