Featured: V1KT8RIA (CandyMag.com)

It’s been EXACTLY a year since my debut V1KT8RIA yet I still remember how magical that night was. Two weeks ago I turned 19 and a few days after my birthday I found out that my debut got featured in CandyMag.Com! It is indeed surreal and a dream come true even to just get featured in the online version of my favorite magazine. I hope #V1KT8RIA can serve as an inspiration for future debutants (to know more about my debut, click HERE!) Thanks for this, Candy Mag! 🙂

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I will forever be humbled and blessed for all the people who made this night a magical one – that including the V1KT8RIA team and those who came!

Check out the feature here: This Debutante Personalized her Party to Showcase her Passion for Fashion


V1KT8RIA may be long over but you will see more of it here on my blog soon! Stay tuned! 🙂