Travel With Ysabel: Paris / Versailles

Have you ever been to a place where there’s so much love in it? This place called Paris, known as the City of Light (and love!) would perfectly fit that description. Beautiful would be an understatement to give one perfect adjective for Paris. I spent only 3 days but I felt the warmth and love embraced by the city. Also known for it as a Honeymoon destination, the fabulous singles won’t feel alone for Paris has a lot of lovely things to offer.

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Paris is a very busy city. Explore the place by car, taxi, bike, chariot, train or by foot, it’s your choice! The train system is very complicated so you’d have to key in the important routes you’ll take or else you’ll get lost. Most of the locals take the metro or just simply walk.

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NOTRE DAME DE PARIS. One of the few reasons why this church is famous is because of Victor Hugo’s novel the Hunchback of Notre Dame as well as Disney’s 1996 animated rendition. Considered as one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture, the Notre Dame attracts visitors for its intricate details such as the stained glass and the statues that overlook the gallows below. Holy Masses are celebrated in French but has only one service where prayers and readings are in English. About 9,000 people can fit inside.

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LOVE LOCK BRIDGE. The original bridge, or the Pont des Arts prohibits people from love locking already since the weight of the bridge can no longer hold it. However another bridge, just 2 km away, gives people a chance to continue the love lock tradition. It is believed that these locks symbolise love for partners, family, etc. Most of these locks have names or initials scribed on it and the key, which is thrown away, symbolises  it being unbreakable.

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LOUVRE MUSEUM.  This historical landmark also holds a record as one of the world’s largest museums where relics of the medieval, renaissance,  French revolution and the like are displayed inside. The famous Louvre pyramid is made of glass and metal, where the lights inside change every year.


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EIFFEL TOWER. Ahhh, there she is. Isn’t she delightful? The highlight of my stay in Paris is seeing this beaut. The Eiffel Tower lights tinkered and blinked at the strike of 11PM and the moment was breathtaking. It was the tallest structure in the world from 1889 to 1930. There are three floors which are restaurants and the observation deck. Fast fact, did you know that Gustav Eiffel, the civil engineer and the architect of this tower also contructed the Quezon Bridge in the Philippines? 🙂

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CHÂTEAU DE VERSAILLESWe took a day trip to Versailles, about 35 minutes away from Paris. We visited another historical landmark which is the famous abode of Louis XIV. It was a symbol of absolute monarchy during the French revolution. We just frolicked in the royal garden and enjoyed the aMAZEng (yup, the garden had a maze!) view.

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ARC DE TRIOMPHE. This monument honours those who fought and died in honor during the French revolution and the wars of Napoleon. Names of the generals and French victories are inscribed on its inner and outer surfaces. There’s an observation deck from above also that can overlook Champs Élysées avenue, with trees decorated in lights for the Christmas season. High end shops can be seen from left to right, in which also homes the world’s biggest Louis Vuitton store.

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Bazaar de Nöel. Open during Christmas season, this market sells lots of Christmas treats and the mini carnival offers rides for young and old. There’s a small ice skating park there as well.

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PLACE DE L’HOTEL DE VILLE. Another highlight of my trip was ice skating in the outdoor rink. It was located in front of what was formerly called the Place de Greve where it is remembered as a place of early public execution during the earlier times. I regret not bringing my ice skates but the experience enough even in rentals was fulfilling even if it hurt my feet. What made this experience fun was gliding under the drizzling rain. 🙂

Well, I was able to have a last minute vacation before classes began the following week. This week, we went to Belgium! Stay tuned for my future #TravelWithYsabel posts! 🙂