Coca Cola’s Share Sari-Saring Happiness Campaign

(photo not mine)
(photo not mine)

Sip, glug, glug, glug, ahhhh. Manang, isa pa po, please?

Sipping on a straw inside a small plastic filled with cold Coca Cola on a typical, hot afternoon in the Philippines after a hardcore game of Filipino street games would just be just a snippet of my happy childhood. I remember Manang (a term to address older women) Jean, the sari-sari store owner of whom I owe of satisfying my thirst as a child.

Did you know that sari-sari stores and their owners are the pillars of the Coca Cola business? (Source here). This Christmas season, the Coca Cola company thrives on “empowering women and improving lives”. The Coca-Cola company aims to build up women entrepreneurs – such as sari-sari and karienderia owners by implementing programs and courses such as skills training, financial services and connections with peers or mentors through the 5by20.

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We owe it to these women who not only continue to offer their services to us but also serve as instruments to our growing community. The Coca-Cola company aims to empower 5 million women around the world by 2020 – starting with the Philippines. We owe it to them to opening up our happiness. Yes, quenched thirst kind of happiness would be a good example! 😉

Let’s continue supporting our women entrepreneurs not just from the Philippines, but around the world too! 🙂

Check this video out.

  • Drinking Coca Cola from a small plastic bag is awesome and it has a great taste. I actually stumbled upon your blog just now by searching that. When I used to visit the Middle East in the summer during my childhood, some bazaars used to pour Coca cola from a glass bottle to the small plastic bag. Good times!!!